Simon Marr Managing Director “Cranes are in my blood. Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was work in the family business. I started as a yard boy and, after completing a business course, worked my way up the ranks. I love challenges and refuse to be told something can’t be done.”
Gordon 'Boof' Marr Technical & Product Development Director “Like Simon, I followed in Dad’s footsteps to join the family business. What I enjoy most about what we do is working closely together to find solutions to the major challenges our clients come to us with. We’re straight up, honest and tell it how it is.”
Tom Batley Director "What excites me about being part of this team is that with a string of ‘world firsts’ to our name already – including the design of the M2480D and M1280D cranes – we have the experience and motivation to work on the world’s biggest jobs."
Alan Lundie Commercial Director "I’ve worked on ‘big’ projects around the world and what made me want to join the team is the Men from Marr’s relentless ingenuity. We keep striving to find the best, most efficient and often never-done-before solution to the job.”
Colin Petrie Chief Financial Officer "I’ve come from a background in logistics and infrastructure and after working mostly inside large companies, I’m excited to be working with a growing family-owned business where I feel that I can really make a difference. I’m impressed by the combined knowledge, experience and passion of the team here."
Steve Ryder General Manager - International "After more than 30 years’ working on large-scale construction projects across the UK’s petrochemical and thermal sectors, I’m still enthused by the heavy lifting aspects of a project. I’m excited about furthering Marr’s innovative approach to heavy lifting into the local construction culture – and challenging the industry mindset to think differently about how the optimum crane solution can add real value to the project delivery.”
John Young Construction Manager “Tower cranes have always been my passion. I’ve been erecting and operating heavy lift cranes for over 15 years and I’m proud to wear the Marr’s badge because I know we are the best in the business.”
Jamie Hennessy Cranes & Rigging Superintendent
Dan Wolski General Superintendent "Fascinated by cranes from a young age, I jumped at the chance to work in construction. Starting out as a rigger, I worked my way up through the ranks, now working on some of the biggest projects in the world. With Marr’s every day is different. It’s great to be part of such a hard-working, innovative team."
Mick Weick Cranes & Rigging Superintendent
Barry van Dyk Process & Systems Manager “I’ve been hooked since my first climb up a crane at the age of 16 as a helper at my father’s business. I’ve made a career of working with cranes in South Africa, the Middle East and now Australia, where working with Marr’s belief that ‘anything is possible’ makes me feel part of something great every day.”
Suzanne Jones Projects Coordination Manager “We’ve been around for a long time and know what it takes to get the job done. And we’ve got a reputation for turning up – no matter what. So, as long as it is safe, we’ll be there.”
Daniel Hawes Cranes & Rigging Superintendent "My father worked in the crane and rigging industry, so I have been exposed to cranes my entire life. He always told me that there was no better place to work than with The Men From Marr’s. I joined Marr’s team 10 years ago as a rigger, eager to learn and follow in my father’s footsteps. Since then, I’ve moved up the ranks – constantly learning along the way, because every day brings a new challenge."
Caroline Johnson Purchasing Manager “It is exciting to be involved in transforming an Australian, family-owned business with a rich heritage and history into global leaders in our field. It is so rewarding to play a part in such an innovative business that constantly strives to improve.”
Mark Fellows Business Development Director "My construction career has seen me through project management, operations, business and bid management. At Marr’s I’m enjoying working with such an intelligent and passionate team. It is great to see how we solve challenges for clients – looking at what’s possible, providing options instead of limitations."
Rob Wilby Projects Manager “As a mechanical engineer I have previously managed complex, multidisciplinary packages of work particularly within the thermal and nuclear energy sector. I understand the importance of implementing the right lifting solution to ensure the safe, efficient and successful delivery of a project.”
Kris McIntyre Head of Communications “I’ve worked on complex brand and communications projects for some of the best-known brands around, but The Men From Marr’s are close to my heart. I never imagined I would become a ‘crane spotter’ but the innovation, ingenuity and passion that underpins Marr’s values delivers content that most storytellers can only dream about. I’m hooked!”
Colleen Avery Human Resources Manager "I’ve had a great career working in HR and senior leadership roles spanning the construction, infrastructure, transport, property development, finance and corrective services sectors. Having worked in challenging operational environments for most of my career, I understand the importance of implementing HR foundations to ensure the successful delivery of Marr’s projects. It’s refreshing to be working with such a passionate, solutions-driven team."
The rest of the ' family' Our extended ‘family’ includes generations of staff and contractors who all wear The Men from Marr’s badge with pride. We value mateship, legacy and tradition through our shared love of cranes.

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