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Our unique approach to craneage solutions for major infrastructure and large-scale construction projects covers:

  • Major infrastructure including bridges & railway stations
  • Oil & gas
  • High-rise construction
  • Waste-to-energy & major power plants
  • Stadia construction

Leveraging the benefits of Marr's cranes on a project can facilitate significant improvements to programme time, cost and safety performance by:

  • Providing the capability to lift larger precast and structural steel components
  • Increasing the capacity to lift larger and heavier pre-assemblies and modules
  • Removing complexity
  • Reducing the risk of schedule and cost overrun
  • Supporting Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) construction
  • Providing the platform for improved safety, higher quality and ‘greener’ construction.
Marr Barangaroo TB Mlift 20200205 Getty L1010190 4f230e4d1661c33b6ec27719d319d93b
Marr Barangaroo TB Mlift 20200205 Getty L1010190 4f230e4d1661c33b6ec27719d319d93b

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Our fleet of the world's largest capacity tower cranes - ranging from the world's smallest crane, the tiny M40R to the world's largest capacity tower crane, the M2480D - combine the lifting capacity of mobile crawler cranes with the high performance of tower cranes.
  • High lift capacity – capable of lifting 330T (M2480D) to:
    – enable increased modularisation and installation of larger pre-assembled structures, therefore requiring fewer major lifts
    – decrease temporary works and reduce the need for working at height
  • Long reach capability – boom lengths of up to 120m helps to:
    – reduce congestion by needing fewer cranes
    – overcome the impact of delayed plant deliveries by facilitating out of sequence plant installation
    – mitigate the need to relocate cranes, removing the necessity to integrate crane movements into project critical path
  • Heavy and high-volume lifting:
    – increases productivity as tower cranes operate quicker than equivalent capacity crawler cranes
    – opens up multiple work fronts using the same crane
  • Small base footprint:
    – Frees up valuable laydown areas and transport routes
    – Free standing height of up to 76m
    – Full climb capability for externally climbed crane
  • Ability to operate in higher wind speeds:
    – operational in wind of up to 20 m/s (compared with 10m/s for similar capacity crawler cranes)
    – increased availability helps to significantly improve utilisation and productivity
    - reduced risk to schedule
  • Crane removal – a fleet of recovery cranes (M60R, M40R & M20R)
    – to dismantle internally climbed construction cranes and final exit via lift shaft
  • Marr Transit System (MTS) – modular rail system that extends longitudinal reach with no loss of capacity – fully operational between site limits


We work with our clients to find a solution that works – no matter how big or complex the job is. And if the right crane doesn’t already exist, we’ll build one to suit the needs of your project.